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About Coolhill Heavy Haulage Ltd

Heavy and General Haulage Services

Coolhill Heavy Haulage Ltd was formed in July 2000, by Alex Godfrey initially doing traction work for other haulier’s, but moved swiftly into machinery haulage. A small family run business with Alex being the main point of contact and doing the bulk of organising of the vehicles and drivers. His wife Julie being the main contact administration wise, dealing with accounts, load details, permits etc. but is occasionally out on the road when the cabin fever gets too much!!

The Coolhill Heavy Haulage Ltd approach to business is we have a passion for the variety and unpredictability of our workload. We obliviously like to work very closely with our customers and we take enormous pride in a job well done and a happy customer.

We service private individuals as well as Car & Van Traders, Agri Machinery, Construction Machinery, Lorry Recovery, Commercial Vehicle trade along with Auction trade and the Quarry and Washing Plant Industries.

Coolhill Heavy Haulage Ltd currently work a fleet of vehicles in both the STGO Type 2 & 3 categories. Our fleet of trailers are a combination of Flat bed, Euroliner, Step frame low loader and lowbed loaders.

Coolhill Heavy Haulage Ltd adhere and work hand in hand with the relevant Police Authorities and Road Services Departments when moving abnormal loads (wide, long, high or heavy loads), with permits constantly in place to accommodate short notice jobs.

Permits are required for any load which is wider than 2.9m (9”6), longer than 18.3m (60”4) and heavier than 44,000 KG Gross Train Weight.

Permits in Northern Ireland are currently free, Great Britain charges a small fee, but Permits in Ireland are the most expensive, with each County Council charging different fees.

The work of Coolhill Heavy Haulage Ltd takes us all over Ireland and the UK, occasionally we go into Europe.

Coolhill Heavy Haulage Ltd